A hallmark is a small official mark found on items made from precious metals to ensure their purity. In England, they date back over 700 years and act as a guarantee that your piece of jewellery is indeed pure. There are currently four Assay Offices in the UK which are Edinburgh, Sheffield, Birmingham, and London.


The hallmark is made up of three separate sections:


The Sponsor’s mark

For SEVEN London this will almost always be “SL”

The Standard mark

This represents purity of the precious metal, which for silver is 925

The Assay Office mark

This shows which assay office the piece was hallmarked in


By law, all items made of precious metals above a certain weight must be hallmarked if they are to be sold as Silver (7.78g), Gold (1.0g), Palladium (1.0g), or Platinum (0.5g). SEVEN London hallmarks all of our precious metal products, regardless of weight so that you, the consumer, can rest assured you are getting the finest jewellery.


A description of the various marks is illustrated below