Attitude. Confidence. Experimentation. Winning. Eclectism. Life’s light and shade - these are the qualities that inspire us and, over the last ten years have built our reputation as the UK’s leading luxury mens’ jewellery brand.


Our collection of silver cufflinks and accessories - fusing classicism with modernity - has always appealed to the discerning eye.


Using distinctive, innovative, hand crafted, finishes and materials, combining gold, silver, and semi-precious stones including Swarovski CRYSTALLIZED elements, our influences are drawn - magpie-like - from the head, the heart, the street, city life, even the workplace.


Our fanatical approach to our product is the same as it ever was. We make stunning mens’ accessories for people who are confident, who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and who don’t follow but lead.


People appreciate SEVEN’s unique design style. we are now selling in 10 countries around the world and are fast expanding into others