Maintaining your jewellery

SEVEN London jewellery is generally made from Sterling Silver. To ensure your jewellery stays looking at its best, please observe the simple guidelines below:


- To avoid exposure to sprays, perfumes, cosmetics, or other aerosols, please put your jewellery on after you have used these products.


- Jewellery should not be worn overnight, whilst showering, or whilst swimming/playing sports.


Cleaning you jewellery

We believe the best way to restore the natural lustre of your SEVEN London product is to use a simple silver polishing cloth. These are available not only directly from ourselves, but also from your local jeweller. If your product has a deliberate oxidised finish (specific dark sections), please avoid cleaning the piece as this will remove the effect permanently.


We do not recommend the use of ultrasound cleaning devices as the required cleaning agents can have an adverse effect on natural stones and leather.


If you have any questions or queries regarding how best to maintain or clean your SEVEN London product, please do not hesitate to contact us via any one of the methods on our contact us page.